Thursday, September 1, 2011

Next Ride: September 17

Welcome, Kojo Nnamdi Show listeners and other family biking fans!

Our next ride is September 17, and it's going to be a epic family biking journey, so hold onto your helmets:
  • Four wards
  • Three bridge crossings
  • Two beautiful bike trails

Main Ride:
Meet us at the Anacostia Metro Station at 11am for a quick ride through Historic Anacostia, including Anacostia's famous Big Chair, before we take a break from riding in traffic to enjoy the gorgeous river views from the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. We'll follow the west side of the trail up past RFK (GEESE!) and cross the bike-friendly Benning Road bridge, and end with a picnic at the River Terrace Recreation Center and Playground. Bring your own lunch, desserts are on us!

Super Awesome Epic Family Bike Ride:
Meet me at the R Street NE entrance to the Met Branch Trail at 9:30am for ten full miles of overwhelming cuteness and family biking fun. We'll follow the Met Branch to its end, then zip through Near Northeast, Capitol Hill and Eastern Market (another meetup spot), before we head across the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge to Anacostia.

Route map is here.

Saturday, September 17

9:30am: Met Branch Trail/Eckington meetup
10:15am: Eastern Market meetup
11:00am: Anacostia Metro meetup. Yes, you can take the Metro with a bike and a baby! See?

We look forward to seeing you! Email Megan with any questions.