Thursday, April 3, 2014

ABCbike's 3rd birthday present: it's gonna be a movie star!

With The ABC's of Family Biking celebrating its third birthday, we've noticed some changes happening as it grows. This year it talks nonstop, it's almost potty-trained, and it has definite opinions on what it's going to wear.

Oh, and it doesn't want to take its afternoon nap. :-)

So what can you get a three-year-old family biking event that already has the coolest partners, the most loyal supporters, and the cutest photostream in the world?

Simple: you get it a documentary film.

That's right! We are partnering with Stone Soup Films to create a short documentary film about The ABC's of Family Biking. Stone Stone Soup Films has selected The ABC's of Family Biking as one of the subjects of its "Doc-in-a-Day" festival. We are so excited to work with them on this project!