Thursday, July 11, 2013

The littlest Kidical Mass rider

My apologies for the recent lapse in Kidical Mass rides and posts. As I wrote elsewhere, I became pregnant with our second child this past fall. Although he was due in early July, things did not quite go as planned, and I started developing complications the very day after the ABC's of Family Biking in April. After two weeks in and out of the hospital, our son Davey was born seven weeks premature on May 14. Davey spent two weeks in the NICU, but he's been home for over a month now, completely healthy and gaining weight like a bodybuilder. I can't say enough to thank our friends--especially those in the DC biking community--who pitched in with help and emotional support just when we needed it the most.

2 days old

8 weeks old
Our regular Kidical Mass riding schedule will resume with a ride this Sunday. I look forward to bringing Davey on this or another ride soon!

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