Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ride Recap: "Kidical Kupcake"

(With gratitude to Randall Myers, who is clearly much better than I am at coming up with clever titles.)

On Saturday, September 28, over 40 kids and adults met in Stanton Park on Capitol Hill to undertake a leisurely ride to Georgetown Waterfront Park and enjoy cupcakes from the world-famous Sprinkles Bakery. The girls led the charge all the way with ladies from ages 6 to 30 honing their traffic riding skills and setting some new personal records for distance. Randall Myers, a member of WABA's Board and the DC Bicycle Advisory Council, accompanied the ride and remarked that it was an eye-opening illustration of the challenges of biking with kids in the city. Afterwards, our riders consumed a heroic number of cupcakes from Kidical Mass DC organizer Megan Odett's kid-hauling cargo bike, temporarily converted to a cupcake delivery vehicle. A fabulous time was had by all.

See more ride pictures here. Photos by Ranpuba, who is the mostest bestest.

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