Monday, August 17, 2015

Update from the organizers

Friends, you may have noticed that this website has been dormant for some months now. This past February, the family of organizer Megan Odett was struck by an unexpected crisis when one of the Odett children, known in social media as KidA, was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.

We're happy to report that KidA is responding well to treatment and that the biking community in DC and elsewhere went above and beyond to help the Odetts during the dreadful first weeks after KidA's diagnosis.

For obvious reasons, we were not able to sustain our usual schedule of events this year. We hope that as KidA's ongoing treatment becomes less intensive this winter, we'll be able to resume awesomeness-as-usual next spring with the ABC's of Family Biking and a full calendar of family-friendly bike rides for kids of all ages.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for news about the one ride we will be doing this fall -- the first international Kidical MASSive ride. On September 19th 2015, families around the United States and the United Kingdom will ride together in spirit to demonstrate that kids are traffic too. Many of the Kidical Mass groups in the Greater Washington region will participate in this ride, so check back for more information and to find a ride near you!

If you want to check in with the Odetts personally about KidA's recovery, you can email Megan at the Kidical Mass DC email address. The Odetts are grateful to accept all forms of well-wishes, prayers, and healing thoughts.

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